The Lakes are the area which is covered by the still water surrounded by the land. Mainly found in mountainous areas,TOP 7 HIGHEST LAKES IN THE WORLD Articles near glaciers, and in valleys. Lakes are deeper than the pond and fed by rivers, streams, and precipitations like rain and snow. Whether some lakes are artificial they are made by a human being for personal purposes like hydropower,  for agriculture use and domestic power usage. In some parts of the world, there are many lakes which are formed by chaotic drainage pattern the last Ice age.  Most lakes are of fresh water, but some most famous lakes like the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lakes contain only salt water. As I said earlier, most of the lakes found in high mountainous areas and glaciers lets talk about the highest lakes in the world.

Top 5 Highest lakes of the world:

  1. Ojos Del Salada: Nevado Ojos Del Salada is a mountain which lies in the Andes at Chile-Argentina border,  which is the most active volcano in the world at the height of 6,893m (22,615 ft). It is the highest mountain in Chile and second highest in the western and southern hemisphere. The Depth of this lake is 6,390M (20,960ft) with the diameter of 100m (300ft).
  1. Lhagba Pool: This lake is the type of Alpine Lake which is located at Mount Everest, Tibet. One of the highest lakes of Himalayan range with an altitude of 6,368m from the sea level. Due To very cold temperature and high altitude, the Oxygen level is very less here. Very Few people are able to go there, but an examination of evidence, It was considered as highest lakes in Tibet and the 2nd highest lakes in the World after Ojos Salado.
  1. Changtse Pool: The Changtse is the Mountain which is Located in the Main Rongbuk and East Rongbuk Glaciers with the Mount Everest in Tibet. This is the third highest lakes in the world with an altitude of 6,216m from the sea level with the diameter of 180 m and depth if 230m. This lake is discovered by the George Mallory’s Ill.  As this lake is located at a very high range of mountains have very dangerous trek, very few people know about this lake.
  1. Acamarachi pool: With the impressive altitude of 5950m, This is one of the prettiest small lakes with the diameter of just 10-15m. Located with the Cerro Aguas Calientes with most volcanic eruptions with an angle of 45 degrees. Many Photographers of the world take pictures of this lake, but none of them can actually measure it officially.
  1. East Rongbuk Pool: Another lake from the land of Tibet. It is a seasonal lake which appeared when the snow starts to melt from its surface. This lake is discovered by the Army man Graham Hoyland when he is on duty with his team. Altitude of this lake is 6100m which makes it on 4th position in highest lakes in the world.
  1. Lake Licancabur: This lake is located in Bolivia/Chile Border. Lies a few hundred miles south from the Poquentica with the altitude of 5,916m. This mountain is divided into the Bolivian and Chilean territory, but the lakes are located in Chilean side.  The Diameter of this lake is 100m by 70m where depth is only 8m.
  1. Ridonglabo Lake: As  Tibet is the land of lakes, This is one more mysterious lake from its land.  With an Altitude 5,801m above the sea level, this lake is formed from the melted glaciers. Ridonglabo Lake is 14km away from the Mount Everest. There are no confirmed photos of this lake till now. It would be the brave explore that discover this lake. wellness lake garda