Video Editing SDK


Video Editing SDK delivers a robust set of features and a slick interface to make your application stand out from the competition.

It’s an easy and effective way to deliver a more engaging user experience, increase app adoption, and speed up your release cycles.

It has all the bells and whistles, from a comprehensive suite of effects and filters to an array of customization tools and functions. It also supports an extensive set of adjustment operations like crop, flip, and rotate for a more precise video editing experience.

Best of all, it’s a quick and reliable solution. Pixel’s GPU-accelerated rendering powered by Metal and GPUImage3 delivers smooth and slick video playback without slowdowns or sync issues.

The Video Editor module satisfies most developers’ needs with a robust set of video processing capabilities including clip, merge, resize and rotate. In fact, it’s an excellent choice for beginners as well as experts looking to up their game in video production.

In short, it’s a great choice for any app looking to add a little extra shine to their videos without breaking the bank. It’s a fun way to create dazzling and memorable visual experiences that are sure to impress even the pickiest of customers.

Using the latest in technology, Video Editor features a headless API for powering all operations, as well as a modern UI that matches your app’s look and feel. The SDK’s smartest features, like a custom-branded video library and sortable icons, allow you to implement a rich and intuitive editing experience while freeing up your team to focus on growth and innovation.