What Does it Take to Be a Celebrity Bodyguard?


A celebrity bodyguard is a security professional who safeguards famous people from various threats, such as overzealous fans or aggressive paparazzi. It’s a dangerous job that requires both physical and mental strength to perform. Celebrity bodyguards are also well-versed in a variety of security measures and confidentiality practices. They often work around the clock and must be able to adapt quickly in fast-paced situations.

Protectors must be prepared to deal with a wide range of people, including celebrities, personal assistants, friends (hangers-on), managers, producers, and attorneys. They must also be able to read their clients and determine the best way to approach certain types of people. This is especially important when meeting with the media, as a bad interaction could have major negative consequences for the client and their career.

Traveling is another area in which a celebrity’s bodyguard must be ready to adapt quickly. Whether they’re going to a new city or simply traveling to a different part of the country, a new environment creates a whole new set of challenges. Celebrity bodyguards with experience in other locations can help familiarize themselves with a place by mapping out the itinerary ahead of time and determining the safest route for their clients.

While many people claim to be celebrity bodyguards, rigorous training is what separates them from amateurs. Some celebs look for specific qualities in their protectors, such as size, muscles, or fighting skills. However, a good protector is more concerned with avoiding physical interaction through advance planning and problem avoidance than simply knowing how to win a fight. Joseph Daher