What is a Ringsmaker


Ringsmaker is a tool that enables you to cut your own jump rings from wire. Using this tool you can make the exact size and gauge you need to finish your jewelry project. This is a very convenient and affordable way to create high quality jump rings. This tool also allows you to experiment with a wide variety of wires and colors, from vivid Artistic wires to sterling or base petal wire.

The Ringsmaker is a machine that uses an incredibly precise jewelers saw to cut long coils of wire into individual jump rings with perfectly flush cuts. It works with any metal including stainless steel and titanium. The saw is controlled by a low-flow pump that delivers a constant stream of cooling/lubricant directly to the blade. The Ringinator is easy to use, with a simple compact design nearly anyone can operate. It is a great choice for those who need to produce a lot of jump rings in a short amount of time.

It can be used with a wide range of wire diameters, including the thickest 24g stainless steel wire. It can even be used to cut some of the hard to cut metals like niobium and argentium. It is designed with a blade guiding groove that ensures the coil is properly lined up with the blade to be sawed. This helps to make the most accurate and consistent cuts every time.

This machine will pay for itself in a very short amount of time when you consider how much you would spend on the same coils of the same size from a bead store or catalog. It also saves you the expense of paying for shipping, handling and unforeseen fees from the bead store or catalog. Plus, you never run out of the sizes you need, if you are careful to keep a few mandrels and a small stock of your favorite metals on hand.

The Ringsmaker is a must have for any serious jewelry maker. It is easy to learn how to operate and a great investment for those who are serious about producing high quality jump rings. It is not intended to replace a beading plier, but can be a useful supplement to one for a quick turnaround on production runs. It is the perfect tool for those who want to speed up their production, reduce labor costs and increase their selection of jump ring sizes.