Why Deep Cleaning Services Are More Expensive


A deep cleaning is a more thorough service than regular maintenance cleaning. It eliminates dirt, grime, and soap scum from areas that vacuums and dusters may miss. It also sanitizes toilets, which can harbour germs like staph bacteria and athlete’s foot.

Even the tidiest homes require a deep clean once or twice a year. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring deep cleaning services:

Improved Health

A dirty home or office can be a breeding ground for germs that cause colds and the flu. These germs can survive for days on surfaces and can make your immune system work twice as hard, causing fatigue and lowering its effectiveness. Deep cleaning services sanitize shared areas with disinfectants to eliminate these bacteria and viruses before they can cause disease in employees and guests.

A clean home is a happier one. Studies have shown that people who live in messy environments experience more stress and mental health issues. Deep cleaning services include standard cleaning tasks but also focus on areas that are typically overlooked in a regular cleaning schedule like shower doors, the kitchen and pantry, and cluttered storage rooms.

Many homeowners struggle to maintain a tidy house because of busy lifestyles. They often hire professional cleaning services to take care of the deep cleaning tasks they can’t handle on their own. This allows them to spend time with friends and family while enjoying the gratification of a well-maintained household.

Reduced Risk of Allergies

While regular cleaning services may remove surface dirt such as sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, deep cleaning is meant to eliminate the more hidden dirt, grime, mold mildew and other gunk that accumulates over time. This is why it’s often more expensive than a basic clean.

While maid services and housekeeping providers usually clean visible surfaces, they can leave behind germs and bacteria unless these areas are disinfected. These germs can cause illnesses and odors.

With a deep clean, professional cleaners can rid your home of unseen dirt and dust mites that cause allergic reactions in many people. Thorough cleaning of upholstered furniture, mattresses and curtains can also help reduce the number of allergens in the air. This can greatly reduce allergy symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing and itchy eyes. Maintaining this level of cleanliness can be supplemented with the use of air cleaners and purifiers to further improve the quality of the indoor environment. This is particularly important in allergy-prone environments such as those in urban areas, wildfire-prone communities and homes of people with respiratory diseases.

Reduced Risk of Mold and Dampness

If your home is often damp or you have a mold problem, repeated exposure to these dangerous pathogens can cause a range of health issues. From common cold symptoms like a sore throat or nasal congestion to liver disease and kidney failure.

Deep cleaning services will eliminate these spores and other dangerous particles from carpets, furniture, air ducts, drapes and blinds. They also clean hard to reach areas that are typically left uncleaned during standard cleaning.

It’s no secret that living in an unclean home can be a breeding ground for pests. Rodents, cockroaches and other unwanted guests can nest in the most unexpected places. Regular sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and de-cluttering discourages these pests and can prevent them from taking up residence in your home. If you have a serious problem, it is recommended that you hire a professional to conduct a thorough inspection and treatment of the infested area. This will remove the underlying problems and help to control the pest population in your home.

Increased Value

A deep clean is a more extensive service than standard cleaning. It involves removing and disinfecting items from cupboards, scrubbing surfaces and corners of tubs and sinks, cleaning inside ovens and microwaves, vacuuming and dusting hard to reach places, such as ceiling fans and blinds. It also includes a thorough sweep and mop of floors, plus wiping down walls, baseboards and furniture. It’s often more expensive than a basic clean.

For a cleaning business, offering this service can help increase sales and customer value without lowering prices. Using content marketing and improving the customer experience on your website can educate potential customers about the benefits of this type of cleaning, making it more appealing to them than the cheaper options available from competitors. Referrals are another great way to acquire new clients without lowering your prices. This is because existing customers have a warm connection with your company, making them more likely to buy from you again. deep cleaning services