Why You Need a Phone Answering Service


A phone answering service is a valuable tool for businesses that don’t have the resources to always have someone available in-house to take calls. Whether your business is growing and your receptionist just can’t keep up, or you’re simply too busy to answer all the calls that come in during the day, a quality answering service is a smart investment.

The best answering services are trained to provide A-level customer service that matches or exceeds your own standards for over-the-phone communication. You want a service that can quickly and accurately transfer your callers to the correct person in real time, while keeping hold times down and providing helpful information. You also need an answering service that can understand the nuances of your industry, so you don’t end up with customers frustrated by an agent who doesn’t seem to get it.

A good answering service can also help you solve customer issues and increase productivity. For example, when you have a large number of out-of-hours calls, or the overflow from a seasonal marketing campaign, an answering service can help ensure your callers aren’t sent to voicemail or left waiting on hold. Some answering services can even help you set appointments, process orders online, and integrate with CRMs, reducing the amount of work your team has to do manually. This means you’re not only saving time and money, but you’re improving productivity by reducing the number of interruptions your team faces throughout the day.