How to Build Pop Up TV Cabinets


Pop up TV cabinets, also known as a lift cabinet, or simply a TV lift, are a great way to hide your flat screen television from view when not in use. Usually, they are built into a wall or piece of furniture so that the TV is concealed from the outside while still giving you easy access to all of your audiovisual equipment. The mechanism used to lift and lower the TV is different depending on the design, but they all operate similarly. They have a flush wall panel that moves inward to take the place of a real wall panel then they either lift or lower to accommodate your flat screen television.

This is an amazing solution for a home that does not have a dedicated TV room, and can save you a lot of money by keeping your television from being exposed to dust, dirt or even your kids when it is not in use. It is also a great way to keep the television safely away from any children that may accidentally knock it down, which could be disastrous if they happen to hit their heads.

Using a remote control, the TV is flipped to reveal a space where media components can be stored and hidden when not in use. The slatted top of the cabinet provides additional storage, and floor cutouts offer plenty of room for cords to come in and out. This is a versatile solution that will work with almost any TV stand and is perfect for any room of the house.

If you are interested in building your own TV lift cabinet, there are many plans online to help get you started. There are a few things to keep in mind before you start the project, however. First, you will want to choose a piece of furniture that is tall enough to accommodate your TV and the lift mechanism. The TV and lift will need about 8” of depth behind them to function, so make sure the piece of furniture you choose is at least that height.

Once you have chosen your furniture, the next step is to build the frame for your cabinet. This can be made out of wood or other material such as MDF, but we recommend choosing a hardwood like oak or maple for a nicer look. This will provide better durability and can withstand more abuse than a piece of plywood.

After the frame is made, you can attach the lift mechanism to it. This is a fairly simple process and can be done with the included instructions from the TV lift company that you purchased your lift from. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully so that your cabinet works properly.

When you are finished, you will be able to enjoy your new television without anyone knowing that it is hiding from view. Then, whenever you feel like watching a movie or television show, all you have to do is push a button and the TV will rise out of the cabinet and into view.