How Voice Over Services Can Benefit Your Business


The audio or voice of a video can be as important as its visuals in delivering a clear and compelling message to the audience. When a product explanatory or how-to videos have an engaging and enticing narration, they can attract and maintain audience attention for longer. This leads to higher viewership and better website override rates. However, recording high-quality VO takes time and effort.

For this reason, most brands opt to hire voice over services for their projects. These professionals are trained to perform different voices and emotions perfectly and convey them in a convincing manner. They also have the ability to follow directions to meet your needs and deliver an explainer video that connects with the audience emotionally.

A professional voice actor can record voiceovers in various languages and accents, depending on their talent and availability. Their experience in acting will help them bring a realistic and authentic feel to the video, making it stand out from others. These professionals also know how to use proper voiceover techniques, which saves time and ensures accuracy in their work. This translates to a shorter recording session, which can reduce the overall cost of the project.

Some voice over artists specialize in specific areas such as eLearning or IVR (voice prompts/telephony). They should be able to show proof of their work in the form of client feedback, sample recordings, and credit history on their website. Look for a service with several years of experience and an extensive portfolio of eLearning, corporate video, and telephony VO projects.

Another option for companies is to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) voice-over. This is available on many online platforms and offers a more natural-sounding voice than human voices. It can also be much cheaper than hiring a professional. However, it lacks the flexibility to vary intonation and pronunciation and may not be suitable for all projects.

Voice-over services can be beneficial to any type of business, but they’re particularly useful for small businesses that need to produce a large number of explainer videos and other marketing materials. For example, a law firm might need to produce training videos for employees and would benefit from having a professional voice-over artist to help them get started.

If you’re looking for a local voice over service, you should check whether they offer dummy recordings of your script to help you gauge the pacing and delivery of the final voiceover. A good quality dummy voice-over can help you fix any awkward phrases, timing, or inflection in the finished version of your video. Moreover, it can help you determine whether the voice-over is appropriate for your target audience. Also, remember to check your local zoning laws and business insurance requirements before starting a voice-over service. These can affect your ability to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for your office space.