Internet is Streaming Ahead of All the Other Medias


With time we know that every thing progresses, we can relate the same to the internet medium. Earlier we knew the print was the only way news, entertainment was trekking from one person to another. But, after the evolvement of television, the motion picture really gained a hell lot of impetus and was all over the place. Even in today’s world people do believe TV as the strongest medium and the easiest as well the most comfortable medium. But, soon this is going to change. Figures say that the internet is not far behind. Both the Bollywood movies and Hollywood streaming movies going places even.

You may ask how? Slowly the internet is soaring up when it comes to mediums to communicate. Initially, when radio and print was prevalent, there was hardly any two way communication. But, by far TV and internet has done the unthinkable. Let’s talk about YouTube, probably the best broadcasting; video streaming website the World Wide Web is broadcasting the Indian Premiere League LIVE. Now, many will feel what is the use of it? We know that the broadcast channel Sony SETMAX is already broadcasting the matches LIVE everyday, but the net surfers who cannot watch the live telecast of the matches on the television due to their personal reasons can have their share of joy when they can watch all the sixty matches live onto their laptop or multimedia enabled mobile phone. Let alone cricket streaming on the net, even Bollywood movies are watchable on the internet in these days.

To enhance the reach of the IPL match broadcasting, Google proclaimed to broadcast the live streaming of matches throughout the series on its biggest entertainment platform i.e. YouTube. The viewers can watch the live streaming of IPL T20 matches – 2010 at free of cost with just 5 minutes of delay. This is perhaps the biggest streaming event on YouTube and this has uplift the level of internet medium compared to TV, Radio and print. There many online video websites like YouTube such as msn video, truveo those who offer online streaming movie services. There are a lot of Bollywood movies across the web that can be watched online.

Not only the IPL but also other forms like movies, clips, songs, trailers, makings etc are being streamed all over the net which are garnering some good amount of views. So, the internet medium which can also be termed as the real time medium because of its proximity and flexibility in updating news, facts, videos, etc is soaring step by step.

The Internet comprises over 120 newspaper sites and 1300 magazine sites. Newspapers and magazines are making everything accessible on computer, powering the Internet as a mass medium. The only thing for concern is what hangs around over the Internet called a mass medium is credibility. With newspapers and magazines, they have editors and fact finders and checkers to make certain that all said is valid. The Internet has no editors or fact checkers. So, the credibility is, nevertheless, not there. But, the best of part of internet is you can watch online bollywood movies, check on the news facts, listen to bollywood songs, write stuffs etc sitting at one place and all according to you. You have the control over the net to access whatever info you want to gain, watch, hear or study in that case. With the looks of things to come, it seems very soon the internet will overpower all the other mediums. youtube live