Nyle’s Heat Pump Dehydrator


Nyle’s heat pump dehydrator is the latest in drying technology. This highly advanced system is capable of reducing the moisture content of fruit, vegetables and meats without any degradation in their nutrient content.

It uses electric power to operate and eliminates the need for fossil fuels and airborne pollutants in the drying process. The system utilizes a vapor compression cycle that draws air from the surrounding environment and extracts the latent heat from it. This air is then pumped into the drying chamber where it combines with the product to remove the water molecules. The result is a product with reduced moisture content and superior taste and texture.

The high-efficiency thermal cycle of the heat pump allows for a significant reduction in energy consumption as compared to conventional drying methods. It also enables the dehydration of herbs and other specialty products at lower temperatures and lower humidity levels. This helps to maintain microbial safety, nutrient retention and sensory qualities such as color and aroma.

In addition, studies on the quality of heat pump-dried herbs show that they have a higher rehydration ratio as compared to hot air and solar cabinet-dried herbs. [29] Similarly, heat pump-dried garlic has a better aroma and color than hot air-dried garlic.

Furthermore, studies have shown that the kinetics of heat pump drying are faster than those of other drying techniques. However, it is important to note that the use of heat pumps to accelerate drying kinetics will also increase the overall losses in the system. Therefore, the application of a suitable design and a proper evaluation of the system’s energy efficiency is critical. heat pump dehydrator