Sex Addiction Symptoms


A person with a sexual addiction may feel a compulsive need to engage in sexual behaviors, even though these behaviors cause significant distress and disruption in their lives. Unlike most people, they are not able to control their behaviors. They may engage in risky sex, obsessively watch pornography, masturbate excessively, have multiple affairs or try to use sex as a way of filling emotional and psychological needs.

These behaviors can also be damaging or destroy pre-existing relationships and careers. They can cause physical health problems, including STDs and unintended pregnancies. They can also create a sense of isolation and a lack of self-worth in those who suffer from sex addiction. Often, these individuals are trying to numb themselves from past experiences of abuse and trauma by seeking out the dopamine rush that comes from risky sex.

Although some medical professionals do not recognize sex addiction as a legitimate diagnosis, the symptoms are real. It is important to know that sex addiction does not mean someone has a sex drive or wants to experiment. In fact, it is more like a compulsive disorder that manifests itself in various ways, including having a sexual fetish or engaging in sexual behavior without any emotional connection.

The most obvious sex addiction symptom is that the individual is obsessed with sex. If they cannot focus on other things, are unable to control their thoughts and/or actions or if the sexual activity is affecting their day-to-day life, it is time for professional help. A therapist can work with you to address these issues and provide treatment that will help you overcome your sex addiction. sex addiction symptoms