The Arden – A Peaceful Retreat


The arden is an ancient area of woodland in central England. It was the centre of the Forest of Arden, a royal forest that provided timber, food and other goods to the kingdom. It is near the geographical centre of England and was bounded by the Roman roads Icknield Street, Watling Street and Fosse Way, as well as prehistoric salt tracks leading from Droitwich and the River Cole. It is also the name of the village in which William Shakespeare was born and the site of the famous Arden School, the world’s first residential theatre school.

Our Arden woods are a peaceful retreat. They abound with wildflowers and wildlife. Volunteers maintain their natural beauty by participating in annual woods cleanups and ivy “pulls.” The Arden Forest Committee has a page on this website and a public Facebook page, Forests of the Arden where they post the latest news and photographs.

During the 2023 Fair, our Arden Club volunteers worked innumerable hours to make it a success. A huge thanks to all!

The Town Assembly has formed a special task force to review all of our Village governing documents and ordinances. Please see their new webpage for meeting announcements and a schedule of topics under consideration.

Arden residents must keep their shrubs trimmed back from the shoulder of the roadway, or right-of-way. This is the Village property, and if not maintained, it will be replaced at taxpayer expense. Read our Right-of-Way Ordinance.