Tips about Information on Breast Cancer


Millions of women can be affected by breast cancer throughout the world. This year,Tips about Information on Breast Cancer Articles breast cancer is growing like an epidemic and it is estimated that 45,000 patients will die of breast cancer. If you feel a lump in your breast solid, you should visit a specialist for consultation.

Symptoms of breast cancer:

Breast cancer in the early stages do not cause pain. Unfortunately, in the early stages when developing breast cancer, breast cancer symptoms are not visible. But the cancer was still growing, and which must be observed by every woman that cancer can cause tremendous changes, the symptoms of breast cancer include a lump or thickening in or near the breast, a change in the shape or size of the breast, nipple tenderness or nipple discharge, breast, nipple inversion into pitting or breast, the breast skin ridges appear red, swollen, warm and flaky. If it finds one of the above symptoms then should immediately visit a doctor if he persists with every symptom of breast cancer.

Specialists will diagnose breast cancer test by one of the following:

1.     Palpation

2.     Ultrasound

3.     Mammography

4.     Fine needle aspirations

5.     Needle biopsy

6.     Surgical biopsy.

Breast cancer treatment:

1.     Breast cancer treatment options depending on the location and size of the tumor in his chest.

2.     Various methods of treatment of breast cancer

Breast cancer treatment can be local or systemic. Radiation therapy and surgery is the treatment of breast cancer. Local breast cancer treatment that is used to destroy, remove or control the growth of cancer cells. Hormonal therapy and chemotherapy is a systemic treatment. Systemic treatment is targeted to control or destroy cancer cells throughout the body. Various forms of breast cancer treatment can be determined at the same time or one after the other.

The operation is one of the treatment of breast cancer is the most common. Many types of surgical interventions can be used. Surgical intervention to remove the breast is called mastectomy. Surgery is done to remove the cancer cells without affecting the size of the breast is called breast conserving surgery or breast-saving.

Radiation therapy or radiotherapy:

The breast cancer treatment specialist using high energy radiation to kill cancer cells and to stop them from growing.

Chemotherapeutic breast cancer treatment:

The Specialist using different types of drugs or combination from different drugs to kill cancer cells or to stop them from growing. Drugs given in cycles; time of treatment followed by a longer recovery period followed by another breast cancer treatment. fenbendazole 222mg capsules for humans