Wallbox Earns ENERGY STAR Certification


ENERGY STAR Certification highlights Wallbox’s dedication to energy efficiency.

The ENERGY STAR label is the most recognized symbol of energy efficiency, trusted by millions of consumers to help them identify products that use less energy and save money. The certification is achieved through a rigorous testing and verification process, including an in-depth site visit by a qualified independent ENERGY STAR label reviewer.

STAR+PLUS helps adults get Medicaid health care and long-term services and supports through a managed care plan that they choose. It provides support in daily living activities, changes in the home to make it safer and more comfortable, and short-term care to give caregivers a break.

Star Plus Energy is hiring Senior Process Engineers to develop and enhance EV battery production processes for safety, quality, and productivity. This includes monitoring, analyzing, and implementing new equipment, procedures, and systems to improve production.

Project leaders expect 1,400 jobs to be available at the facility, with most of those opening in 2025. The company has already received local approvals to build a 2.4 million-square-foot plant on the city’s northeast side. Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight says the development will cement the city’s role in the electric vehicle industry. IU Bloomington’s Institute for Korean Studies is working with Star Plus Energy to provide education employees who are familiar with everyday Korean culture. The institute also teaches lessons in the language. Kim said she wants to help people understand the differences between American and Korean corporate cultures and customs. When employees clock out for the day, she explained, Americans tend to head straight home. In contrast, Korean workers often go out with coworkers for drinks and dinner. Star Plus Energy